New Patent Pending Coil Cleaning Technology Available Throughout the Southeast

“Coil Flow Max” process penetrates through HVAC coils thicker than 4” deep to remove contaminants.

Sumter, SC, September 1, 2016– Carolina Filters Inc., an industrial and healthcare indoor air quality service company, announces the patent pending Coil Flow Max method for cleaning plugged HVAC coils thicker than 4 inches.

“Over the past thirty years, Carolina Filters Inc. (CFI) has observed that conventional coil cleaning processes have been successful for coils up to 4 inches thick; however, the cleaning processes have been inadequate for coil thickness greater than 4 inches deep.  Over the last year working with various process modifications and testing, CFI has refined a process that has proven to be effective on coil thicknesses greater than 4 inches,” said Arthur Dwight, co-owner of CFI and inventor of Coil Flow Max.  “Almost 20 years ago, I had an idea about how to clean thick coils. I successfully found a method to clean thicker coils after some destructive testing in the fall of last year.  Since then we have refined a process that has proved to be extremely effective for our customers, saving them from large capital expenditures while also providing savings in energy costs.”

While standard coil cleaning leaves contaminants deeply imbedded in thick HVAC coils, Coil Flow Max’s revolutionary process removes these potentially harmful contaminants without damaging the coil and fins. Until now, the only solution for plugged coils was replacement.

“Maintenance and engineering departments and contractors have been challenging the standard coil cleaning technologies and procedures for years.  We have found that many of these ‘new’ procedures, including steam cleaning, can do more harm than good.  The most common unwanted results are the damaging of coil fins and the driving of contaminants further into coils, actually making coil performance worse and making the job of successfully cleaning coils harder,” Dwight added.

The total cost of replacing a large HVAC coil – including construction costs, critical area downtime, temporary cooling and other factors – can be as much as $250,000. Coil Flow Max saves HVAC coils from being replaced at a fraction of the cost.

About Coil Flow Max

Coil Flow Max was developed by Arthur Dwight, co-owner and president of Carolina Filters Inc., and is currently available throughout the Southeastern United States. For more information about Coil Flow Max, please contact Coles Dwight at 1-888-520-3639 or visit

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