Five Steps to Improve Your Building’s IAQ

Did you know building occupants and employees can improve IAQ (Industrial Air Quality)? According to the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), there are simple steps occupants can follow to decrease indoor air contaminants. Educating occupants of these IAQ guidelines can reduce costs and reduce employee sick leave. Five helpful steps to do so are below:

  1. Report unusual odors or discomforts: Inform occupants of the procedure for properly reporting unusual odors or discomforts. If there is not a current policy, create protocol for appropriate actions to report these concerns. Recording concerns can help determine a reoccurring issue or pattern throughout the year.
  2. Be aware of weather conditions: While inadequate indoor temperature and humidity can be attributed to poor IAQ, the outside climate changes can also affect IAQ. It is important to monitor the building’s thermostat to make appropriate adjustments to the indoor temperature with the changing weather.
  3. Use chemical formulations sparingly: Good housekeeping is a common way to improve IAQ, but using certain chemical cleaning agents can do more harm than good. Chemical vapors from cleaning products can disperse into the air and compromise IAQ. It is important to use proper care instructions when using such products.
  4. Do not tape off air supply diffusers: Taping off air vent interrupts the distribution of air. While it may seem like a way to reduce costs associated with the building’s heating and cooling, it can trap partials and air contaminants as they will not be properly filtered through the HVAC system.
  5. Minimize fragrances, scented cosmetics and air-fresheners: Similar to cleaning agents, some fragrances, air-fresheners and other perfumes contain chemicals that can result in poor IAQ. A properly working HVAC system circulates air flow to prevent foul odors without the use of air-fresheners or other scents.

Educating occupants of these simple steps can improve your building’s IAQ. Keep in mind that these guidelines will prolong the IAQ, but routine maintenance and inspections ensure the best IAQ for your building and its occupants. The IAQ experts at Carolina Filters are committed to quality service and providing affordable solutions for your building’s IAQ. Contact Carolina Filters today to learn more about ways to improve IAQ.

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