3 Ways to Prepare for Allergy Season

Spring is just around the corner and, for many people, that means one thing — allergies. For people who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring is often the worst time of the year.

They can seek relief indoors but, in buildings with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that haven’t been properly maintained, relief is not always possible; depending on a person’s allergens, conditions may even worsen while indoors.

As a building owner, operator, or manager, you have a responsibility to your tenants and patrons to take some simple steps to help reduce allergen levels inside. Here are three ways to do so, all of which will also benefit you, saving on costs and energy while ensuring optimal safety.

Replace Air Filters

Although an obvious, simple fix, filter replacement in an indoor air quality system is often overlooked.

Filters left in an air quality system for too long tend to reverse their function; instead of trapping contaminants and allergens like dust and pollen, dirty filters can actually help redistribute those particles throughout the building. These filters can also create operational inefficiencies, causing the system to draw more power and, consequently, cost you more money to operate.

Carolina Filters carries a wide variety of replacement filters — including products from industry-leading air quality manufacturers such as Koch Filter and Flanders — for virtually every type of system. We offer Koch air filters in several styles: BioMAX HEPA filters, gas phase filters, and cylindrical cartridge filters. Our Flanders filters are available in basic efficiency, V-style, pleated, and HEPA types.

Air Duct Cleaning

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and fire safety officials across the country recommend having air ducts cleaned regularly through professional air duct cleaning services.

Over time, dust, debris, and contaminants like allergens collect in air quality and HVAC system ducts. As with air filters that are not regularly replaced, uncleaned ducts allow these materials to redistribute throughout your building. The accumulation of these materials can also hamper efficiency and increase your energy costs, as well as pose a fire hazard.

Carolina Filters offers comprehensive air duct cleaning services, as well as HVAC system cleaning services and parts cleaning services. Conducted by experienced professionals, our air duct cleaning services are performed in accordance with all applicable standards, including local, state, and NADCA standards. Air duct cleaning services from Carolina Filters can be scaled for very large, complex systems and are safe for critical areas such as hospital operating rooms and manufacturing production areas.

Fire Damper Inspections

Fire dampers are integral parts of every HVAC and air quality system, playing an important role in controlling duct fires in the event of an accident. They also act as excellent attractors for dust and contaminant accumulation that some providers may overlook during cleaning.

Contaminant accumulation on fire dampers can reintroduce allergens into your building environment and hurt overall system efficiency. Even more worrisome, they can lead to damper malfunctions and, in extreme cases, can cause serious damage. For this reason, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires fire damper inspections every four years.

Conducted by highly qualified Carolina Filters experts, our fire damper inspections include a range of thorough testing methods and a detailed certification report.

Learn More

Taking any or all of these actions — air filter replacement, air duct cleaning, and fire damper inspections — can go a long way in easing the discomfort of allergy sufferers in your building while allowing for efficiency improvements, reduced energy costs, and optimal fire safety.

To learn more about our HVAC and air duct cleaning services, fire damper inspections, and air filter offerings from Koch, Flanders, and other industry-leading brands, contact the team at Carolina Filters today.


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