Industrial Indoor Air Quality Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is a time for blooming flowers and growing grass, which means increased pollen and allergies. While outdoor allergens may be unavoidable, the indoor air quality of your facility can be controlled with the proper maintenance.

According to the EPA, people spend around 90% of their time indoors. In these confined spaces, there are many sources of polluted air which can cause health problems to occupants. These issues can be amplified if proper IAQ is not managed. The following are suggestions that may improve your building’s indoor air quality.

Do Not Use Air Fresheners

Many common air fresheners contain chemicals that have volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While these VOCs may seem to decrease odors, they actually only mask pollutants. Some people exposed to air fresheners can experience skin, eye and throat irritations or allergic relations. If your company is insistent on using air fresheners, always read the labels to ensure you are using the air fresheners properly.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper airflow ensures occupants are breathing clean air throughout the building. Audits can be performed to ensure air is properly filtering through air ducts. Open windows can also circulate air throughout a building. The air will filter through the ventilation system and HVAC unit to minimize possible air contaminants.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Good housekeeping is a great way to reduce some IAQ pollutants, however, it may not be enough to provide the best IAQ to occupants. Regular scheduled HVAC maintenance ensures the unit and its filters are working efficiently. One minor defect in the filter or its position in the unit can significantly impact the quality of the air.

Report Indoor Air Quality Problems

Any unusual odors or physical discomforts, such as respiratory or sinus-related problems, should be documented and reported. These issues can be directly related to the building’s IAQ. Outside help should be requested so an IAQ audit can be conducted. IAQ audits can determine the air quality and possible pollutants.

There are several steps businesses can take to improve their IAQ. Always consult with an IAQ expert for methods on maintaining your facility’s IAQ. Carolina Filters customizes cleaning and services to each customer’s needs. Contact CFI today to find out how your facility can benefit from proper indoor air quality maintenance.

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