Air Handling Unit and Coil Cleaning

Proper cleaning of air handling units is an important part of HVAC restoration and Indoor Air Quality. A clean air handling unit will increase unit efficiency, prolong unit life, and prevent contamination from entering the indoor air. Carolina Filters’ experienced personnel use proven cleaning techniques and products developed for each specific cleaning requirement.

When cleaning an air handling unit, more than just the coils should be addressed. All of the internal components such as the fan and fan housing, fresh air intakes, dampers, supply and return sections, interior insulation, filters and filter housing and door gaskets and seals should be inspected and cleaned or repaired as required. Carolina Filters can provide these services and produce the following benefits for your company.


  • Remove bio film from coils to eliminate health risks to employees
  • Reduce contamination entering occupied spaces through duct systems
  • Increase HVAC system efficiency
  • Increased ability to heat and cool occupied spaces
  • Increase air flow
  • Prolong HVAC unit life

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