The collection of foreign materials and particulates on an industrial area’s overhead fixtures and rafters can cause operational and product quality problems. When contaminants fall from these areas onto products, processes, and machinery, the results can lead to system malfunctions, imperfect products, and contaminated processes.

Overhead cleaning from Carolina Filters can remove these materials in order to maintain and enhance operational performance.

Why Choose Carolina Filters for your Overhead Cleaning Needs?

Because our clients demand safety, efficiency, and performance, we offer the following capabilities:

  • Our experienced team members have been trained to clean overhead contamination from trusses, rafters, pipes, etc. in all types of environments.
  • Our OSHA certified lift training ensures your production area is secure and free of contamination during the cleaning process.
  • We use HEPA filtered collection devices to clean the contaminated areas, as required.

As your trusted overhead cleaning experts, Carolina Filters is committed to maximizing your production while minimizing contamination problems resulting in little to no production disruption.

Why is Cleaning Your Cooling Tower Important?

Industrial air conditioning systems rely on cooling towers to transfer heat and cool the water that they require to operate. A variety of factors, including clogged spray nozzles, scale buildup, and algae and sediment buildup in the water basin can act as a barrier to this needed heat transfer.  The decline in heat transfer efficiency eventually leads to the degradation of the overall performance of the tower, which results in reduced efficiency and increased costs.

Periodic inspection and cleaning as needed are the most effective ways to combat this buildup and keep your cooling towers operating at peak efficiency. The experts at Carolina Filters can help you maintain the efficiency of your cooling tower by thoroughly cleaning the nozzles, fill, and basins.

At Carolina Filters, we are aware of your limited down time requirements, and offer professional, environmentally safe, and timely results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your energy efficiency goals.