Biological build-up, also known as biofilm, thrives in and around cooling coils, drain pans and filters within HVAC systems. It is typically a combination of mold and bacteria that have taken advantage of an excellent breeding ground that exists in the cool, moist conditions of the HVAC cooling coils. Microbial growth and biofilm results in increased coil pressure drop, decreased heat exchange efficiency and restricted airflow.

Typically, air filtration and UV lights should be used together to reduce the possibility of biofilm. Proper air filtration should be the first line of defense when preventing biofilm and microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC’s). Preventative HVAC maintenance, such as coil cleaning and drain pan cleaning, can also reduce possible microbial growth.

UV lights must be used in conjunction with proper HVAC preventative maintenance to be effective. The purpose of UV lights in an HVAC system is to radiate the back side of the coil to prevent the microbiological growth and prevent the biofilm from growing. This in turn increases air flow which saves energy and increases air flow and heat transfer through the coil.

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About UV Resources:

UV Resources products meet all market specifications from high output fixtures (DEF HO Series) to standard output fixtures (DEF SO Series); and for built-up systems, a NEMA 4X (SEF-N Series) product designed specifically for rooftop/outdoor applications of most any type. The Remote Lamp Mount, (RLM Series) fixtureless system is available in two distinct types. One is designed for fan coil, heat pump and PTAC units and the other (RLM Xtreme) delivers flexibility, high output and unequaled safety for built-up systems at the lowest price of any product available. All of these UVC products can be installed in new equipment or existing HVACR systems to kill surface and airborne pathogens reducing the spread of infectious agents (viruses, bacteria and mold) as well as the growth of mold on coils and in drain pans.